2019 Classes at the Adirondack Folk School

I will be offering the following classes at Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne this year:

    • Hand and Power Tool Safety
    • Adirondack Rustic Bookcase
    • Wooden Cross-Country Skis
    • Rustic Dog Bed
    • Adirondack Fishing Pole Rack
    • Rustic Furniture: Sofa or Coffee Table
    • Birch Bark Picture Frames and Mirrors
    • Rustic Headboard
    • Rustic End Tables
    • Rustic Gun Cabinet
    • Wooden Covered Guest &/or Wedding Book

For all the details, dates and times, follow these links:

Adirondack Folk School – Rustic Furniture

Adirondack Folk School – Woodworking

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